coolest redraw ever makes me feel like im a brilliant artist
10022022 8:50PM

i like clara bow
09282022 12:18PM

soap bubbles
09162022 3:07PM

too lazy to finish
09052022 11:52PM

for all those who have diarrhea
08152022 10:10PM

sketch gift for my lovely friend
his name is grisha and hes dead mushroom soldier i love him
08052022 5:04AM

07252022 12:34AM

today i woke up because my nose was bleeding
07192022 7:04PM

was at a concert a couple days ago
07142022 4:14PM

i broke my sleep pattern (°ㅂ°╬)
07072022 5:01PM

saw a man with a goat yeasterday
06262022 9:36AM

06192022 11:58PM